Welcome to the IROK Blog.  Here you’ll find the latest info on what we have coming up in future shows, when the pod casts are available, and all sorts of information for IROK Radio’s series, The World of the Indie Band.  Latest blogs start at the top.


Greetings metal headz!

Head on over to our Talkshoe page where you can download and stream.  Metal News: 2014 Album Releases parts 1 and 2 right now!


Yo metal headz!

Tuesday’s episode “Recording (DYI or Professional) is now available for downloading and streaming right from our Talkshoe page.


What’s going on metal headz?

You can now download and stream The “Business” of the Indie Band on our Talkshoe page.  As mentioned in the show your band has a chance to be featured on our WordPress page logo/banner (complete details and how to enter are in the pod cast).

IROK Radio


Hey metal headz!!!

The debut episode of The World of The Indie Band is now available to stream and download.  Huge thanks to our contributor Christiana for calling in to the show, and sharing her thoughts on the music scene.  Also check out the main page of our WordPress to see all of the sites and band links mentioned on the show!

IROK Radio


Hey metal heads!  We had an epic show tonight (over 2 hours long!!).  A lot was covered about the state of music today, and what it means for the indie bands out there.  Also presented a lot of great links and bands for you kiddies to check out!!!  A huge shout out to our contributor Chris for bringing us some great insight into the music world, and discussing some stellar indie bands.  On the front page are some show links that we mentioned in the live cast, so have a look see 🙂  Of course don’t forget to like and follow IROK Radio on Facebook and Twitter.

The shows podcast will be up soon, and be made available for downloading/streaming.

Next weeks show will be “The Business” of the Indie Band.  We’ll be diving into plotting out your indie band’s course, and creating the foundation for the project.

IROK Radio


Greetings metal heads.  On October 15th at 8 PM central we will be debuting our talk show over at Talkshoe.  We will be focusing on new indie bands/artists in the world of rock, heavy metal, and progressive music.  Today, the music world is pretty chaotic, and indie bands are not getting the exposure they really need.  It’s the hope of IROK Radio that these talented bands will be able to grow, and add more colors to the music world.

Moreover, IROK Radio will also help indie bands understand that there is a business side to music, and provide them with solid information they can use to become successful.  While IROK Radio can’t make any promises if a band will gain success, the information provided should provide a good foundation for the bands and artists in the indie world.

Some of the topics will include: Copyrights; Branding; Marketing; Advertising; Booking shows; Recording; Web presence and much more.  We’ll also interview various indie bands live on the show, and they just might share some of the things they have learned.

The Music world has changed, and there has never been a better time than now for indie bands.  At the same time doing it yourself is a challenge, and will take a lot of work.  In the end the rewards are worth the hard work.

IROK Radio

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